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Facial Blushing, Blushing Red Face Patient Testimonials of Their Micro ETS Surgery

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Severe Facial Blushing.  Patient from Germany.
Severe Facial Blushing.
No Facial Blushing.


armpit body region


May 2018
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS none.
I've been able to live a life without constant anxiety. I am so much happier and I can finally do the things I've always wanted to do without any worries.  - Osvaldo (Texas)

March 2018
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS none.
Having the ETS procedure was 100% worth it. My face hasn't been red since the surgery. Its nice not to worry about my face getting red when speaking in public, getting angry or working out. My face would be beaming after a hard workout, people would ask me if I was okay. Now I don't see any redness at all and its so nice. My hands don't sweat anymore, which wasn't a problem for me before. They do get a little dry sometimes, nothing crazy. My feet did sweat a lot right after surgery but as time goes on they are not sweating so much. I haven't had any compensatory sweating at all so far (knock on wood).  - Danica (Texas)

March 2018
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS moderate on feet, legs, back, and stomach in summer months.
I'm more confidant in social situations and don't have to worry about blushing on a daily basis. Blushing was taking over my life before surgery and now I just have the occasional facial flushing on hot days.  - Anne (Oklahoma)

March 2018
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing, Hyperpyrexia. CS, lower back, belly,underarms not too bad overall.
Now I stress about other things haha. It has definitely improved my symptoms. I think I still blush a little bit and I’m still a little self-conscious it has greatly improved. The dryness of my hands can be a nuisance but it’s a small price to pay.  - Daphne (Massachusetts)

February 2018
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing, Rosacea. CS minimal. Only on a HOT summer day. 
I want to start by saying Dr. Nielson is an absolute life saver. There is truly no Dr. like him that you will find anywhere else. He is so knowledgeable, has terrific bed side manor, truly cares about you and your story and guides you from pre-op, surgery, to post-op. Everyone in his office also has been so comforting, supportive and reassuring. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Nielson if you are suffering with hyperpyrexia/intense facial flushing. I had very, very severe hyperpyrexia. I could not sleep without having a fan directly on my face, couldn't walk outside on a warm day without turning scalding red, workout, laugh, etc. I would say after 6 months I am about 70% better. With the help of this surgery, I was able to come off all medicine. I was taking doxycycline, clonidine and inderal multiple times a day, which made me dizzy and lethargic. I am now able to sleep with no fan on. I can workout again. I am not avoiding social settings like I used to. I still am not 100% free of this but can feel it getting much better each month. I still turn pink going into very warm rooms or very hot days. But not scalding red. I still wake up red in the morning if I drank alcohol and have a strict diet. Overall so much better and looking forward to continued improvement.  - Alicia (Connecticut)

January 2018
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing, Hyperhidrosis. CS, mid and lower back, Profuse.
I can go dancing without becoming a disgusting sodden mass of soaked hair and face.  - Janet (California)

November 2017
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS of eet, chest, back of legs, it doesn't bother me really it's hot in texas and i sweated anyway.
Words can't really describe how this has changed my work life. I'm normal and never have to worry about it anymore. I've actually forgotten about it most of the time. Wish i would done this 20 years ago.  - William (Texas)

November 2017
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS of the armpits (moderate) and at times lower back (minimal).
I am no longer anxious in social situations. Not once since the surgery have I hesitated to raise my hand in class or initiate a conversation out of fear that my face will turn bright red. Dr. Nielson has completely changed my life!!  - Kara (Washington)

August 2017
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS just below armpits/chest, legs below the knees.
Less anxiety socially, more confidence and focus during conversations.  - Ken (Ohio)

July 2017
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS minimal, sweating on lower back and legs.
I feel much more relaxed in social situations. I no longer have to worry about blushing.
  - Caleb  (Illinois)

April 2017
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS chest, legs it's not that bad.
I have developed a lot of confidence now that I can go to any meeting any time with no worry of facial blushing. I feel normal.  - William (Texas)

January 2017
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS lower back and legs.
I am no longer afraid of blushing and I feel free!  - Caleb (Illinois)

December 2015
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS not a problem.
Reduced fear to meet and talk to others.  - Sam (Illinois)

November 2015
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS Middle of back and lower legs - not really a problem.
It has changed for the better by 100%  - Nicole (New Hampshire)

July 2015
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS Mostly back and midsection. moderate.
It has had a positive effect for sure. - Ben (Texas)

May 2015
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS Midsection and legs. Manageable/not severe.
It's amazing. I can now thrive in situations that used to cause me much trouble simply because of sweating issues. The compensation sweating in my midsection and legs is new. However, it is manageable, unlike my situation before. My hands are also much drier. But like the compensation sweating, it's manageable. Dr. Nielsen has saved my life.. - James (Texas)

May 2015
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS feet, legs, groin area, lower back, and chest.
It has changed considerably since ETS. My face doesn't become as red in embarrassing situations, feeling warm or uncomfortable. My hands are dry now and must use lotion now. The compensatory sweating is annoying.  - Jeff (Minnesota)

May 2015
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS extreme middle back, under breasts.
I enjoy going out in public now, It's great to be able to look nice instead of sweating on face and head. - Carolyn (Louisville, Kentucky)

March 2015
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS trunk and armpits during summer.
Since ETS I no longer have the burning sensation in my cheeks that I used to get from blushing in social or even everyday situations. Also, when I workout, my cheeks no longer turn scarlet red. Spencer (North Carolina)

January 2015
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS Neck to feet. Moderate. Occasionally a little worse than moderate.
The flushing of my neck and chest has gotten slightly better. There are still times it happens. I still have a very hard time eating in public because it still happens. I am glad it has subsided some, but hoping to find a way to make it even better. - Abby (Florida)

January 2015
1 Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS described by patient as "not too bad"
Very little facial blushing, great.  - Doug (Texas)

November 2014
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS back, stomach, legs severe in summer.
The sweating this summer in Houston was severe. Just standing outside my clothes would be soaked in 10 minutes. It was hard to do anything outside as i would dehydrate so fast. As fall and winter came it is not a problem but I am not looking forward to next summer and that was always my favorite time of year. For the facial blushing it eliminated maybe half of what would make it trigger, but there are still times I can feel it and have seen it in a mirror. That is frustrating because of the irreversible procedure that did not fix 100% what the problem was.  - Steve (Texas)

November 2014
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS feet, lower back, chest, pelvis region mild to moderate.
My blushing has greatly diminished but I dont think it has completely stopped. It's much more manageable now which has been fantastic. I do have compensatory sweating problems but it's not awful. My hands are constantly dry and I must use hand lotion everyday. I was at the point in my life where I couldn't take my blushing/flushing anymore so overall the positive changes outweigh the negative changes currently.  - Jeffrey (Minnesota)

October 2014
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Facial Blushing. CS of torso and legs . . . not that bad.
I have so much more confidence, I go to more social events, go on dates, can speak in public... I was beginning to withdraw and stay away from situations where I might blush, which was starting to be all the time. I feel free. I also have no hand sweating, which was also a big problem for me. Dr. Nielsen is the best and I'm so grateful.  - David (California)

July 2014
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperpyrexia / Facial Blushing, CS of stomach, back.
Facial blushing much better. I feel pretty normal.  - Doug (Texas)

June 2014
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperpyrexia / Facial Blushing, CS of chest, underarms, back.
I don't have the constant burning sensation in my face that blushing gave me in social situations and also working out.  However, I also don't sweat at all from my head anymore when working out. Now that it is summertime and because I live in a hot & humid climate the compensatory sweating has increased notably. While I am satisfied with the blushing situation, the sweating issue has created new problems.  -S.J. (North Carloina)

May 2014
1 Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperpyrexia / Facial Blushing, CS when temps are hot.
Overall the surgery was a very successful. I do not have an issue with flushing anymore due to triggers such as emontional, being suprised, etc. . .  I do still get it in the heat along with the compensatory sweating which was expected. Humid conditions trigger it as well. Thank you for checking in. Please let Dr. Nielson know i am very pleased with the results.  - Andrew (Virginia)

December 2013
1 Year Follow Up
Much much better . . . . It has been improving more and more since the surgery. There were some problems following the surgery that have gone away. So, for anyone having the surgery, they should know not to necessarily expect everything to be perfect right after the surgery, or even six months after. For me, it has continued to improve.
- Devin (Washington)

October 2013
14 Year Follow Up
I'm a 67 year old male born in South America. Around my teenage years I started to perspire under my armpits, hands and forehead, excessively, especially if I was nervous or tense. I will also blush easily. I continued to have this problem all my life. Sometime around the mid ninenteen eighties, I decided to consult a doctor about surgery to stop the sweating under my armpits. I was told that this type of surgery, was performed only on people that had a very extreme case, such as soldiers badly injured in a war, that resulted in a situation where perspiration was twentyfour hours a day, and there was no gurantee that surgery will correct the problem. It was also expensive and recuperation painful.
I was discouraged from taking a risk. In 1999 I bought my first computer, and one day while surfing on the internet, by accident I saw an article related to people that had a serious perspiration problem and how they cured it. After reading several letters from patients that had this procedure and the results were positive, I became interested, and after reading a background of Dr. Nielson's experience I decided to call him to ask if I was a candidate for surgery. He asked me some questions about my health, some tests were conducted and he said that I could have surgery if I wished, but he also said that as any surgery, there is also a risk involved, and the results could not be as expected.
I decided to take a chance because because Dr. Nielson is the best and had already performed many operations, and a large percent of his patients were happy with the results. I had my surgery in 1999 and I'm very happy because it change my life for the best. I have conpensatory sweating around the chest area, but only occurs if I'm in a place where the temperature is in the high 80s or humidity is very high.
Based in my own experience, I recommend Dr. Nielson because I remember the time I spoke to him on the phone and during my surgery before and after, and he shows compassion and care for people. I am very happy with the results of my surgery because it changed my life for the best. GOD bless him many more years, so he can help other people that suffer with a perspiration problem."  - Fernando (Florida)

Three Month Follow Up
August 2013
Condition(s) Treated:  Facial Flushing
Hi Dr. Nielson,
Sorry for the delay, I just found your email in my spam box. The surgery has been very successful. I have not had a single instance of flushing since the surgery, other than the temperature being very hot. I have been in many situations that would have prior to the surgery been very difficult for me. I have gone from flushing in almost any scenario where I was surprised or even slightly stressed (or even not stressed) to not even thinking about it.

I have had what I consider a significant amount of compensatory sweating. From the shoulders down to the back of my knees, I sweat a lot. I have tried hydrosol with very limited success. I sweat through my shirt front and back fairly easily in 80+ degree or humid conditions. Even now sitting at my desk I feel like I could start sweating, a damp skin feeling chest down (not really the armpits though). If you have any ideas on how to combat the sweating, I would be very appreciative.

One other thing we discussed was my blood pressure. I rarely take my blood pressure medicine anymore. I do not track it but I can say I don't feel the need to take it. I don't get the head rush that came with the flushing. I do get a sinking feeling in my stomach on a regular basis. Situations as simple as remembering I didn't send an email or seeing my kids fall, but again I still on a regular basis (many times a day). The difference there is flushing and head rush doesn't come with that sinking stomach feeling. I think that is an anxiety issue that would need to be addressed another way.

Overall, I am very happy with the results. No longer flushing has been pretty incredible. Thanks! Andrew

One Year, Six Month Follow Up
August 2013
Surgery Date: February 2012
Conditions Treated:  Facial blushing, Hyperhidrosis
I am still doing so well! Thank you for checking up on me. I do not have any unanswered questions.
The procedure was a complete success and I have never been happier! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life! (Patient)

One Year Follow Up
April 2013
Surgery Date:  April 2012
Conditions Treated:  Facial blushing / Hyperpyrexia,  Hyperhidrosis
Every aspect of my life has improved since having Micro ETS. Everything I explained in my previous follow-up is still true. I am so happy to finally be able to be the person I always felt I was inside, but didn't show because of my hyperhidrosis. Living a "normal" life feels amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life! (Kansas Patient)

9 Year Follow Up
October 2012
Condition(s) Treated: Hyperhidrosis of hands, feet, face, Facial Blushing
Hi Dr. Neilson,
I had ETS surgery with you 9 years ago. So far this surgery has been a huge success. I do experience Gustatory sweating which I am considering treating with Botulinum Toxin injections, but my main question is about compensatory sweating. I suffered with this quite severely the first few years after the surgery, but it appears to have resolved itself and if I have it now, it's very mild.  - Keri

Dr. Nielson,
August 24, 2012
I am doing awesome. I can be out in hot weather without my face burning and without turning red. I worked out with my trainer yesterday, and he could not believe how strong I was. He said he didn’t know if he was working me hard enough because I wasn’t sweating. My head did not feel like it was going to “pop off” after my work out. I feel like my core temperature is so much cooler. I have a slight increase in sweating in my lower back, but it is totally acceptable. I now feel like I can go to college with so much confidence. I know my face is NOT going to turn bright red while I’m sitting in class. My anxiety is gone! I am so thankful my parents listened to me and provided a way to make this happen. I am so thankful for Dr. Nielson and his expertise on this condition. I feel like I have my life back.  (Patient)

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Six Month Follow Up
May 27, 2012
I had the Micro ETS procedure performed by Dr. Nielson this past March! The primary reason for me having ETS was because I suffered from Hyperhidrosis, extreme sweating of my hands and feet being the worst. It was a very embarrassing condition. The sweating would begin for a variety of reasons and sometimes it seemed it began for no reason at all. I could feel the sensation that I was about to have "an episode" coming on and there was nothing I could do about it. The more I thought about what was happening, the more upset/anxious I became. The sweating would soon take over my body and the facial blushing would kick in. The facial blushing I experienced was a result of being embarrassed about my Hyperhidrosis and not wanting anyone to find out about my condition.

Hyperhidrosis had taken control of my life and I was not the person I wanted to be because of it. I had suffered my entire life and had spent my entire life coming off as shy and/or rude because I feared what people would say/think if they found out about my condition, so I didn't talk to people. I avoided meeting people/talking to people at all costs. In fact, I avoided any situation where I might have to talk to someone else or attention might be drawn to me. I had to literally talk myself into even going to the grocery store, because I was so scared someone would notice my sweaty hands and make a comment. I had heard comments about my sweaty hands my entire life and they were so hurtful. I can't tell you the number of hours I spent crying over my condition and wishing for a "new life."

I do not know your individual circumstance, but if you also suffer from Hyperhidrosis, I can give you more detailed examples of what I went through pre-ETS and the differences post-ETS if you would like, but I will tell you, Dr. Nielson and ETS changed my life in the most positive way! Dr. Nielson and ETS gave me the "new life" I wanted! I am so incredibly thankful I had the procedure. I am able to live a "normal" life now! The sweating of my hands is completely gone! I vary rarely have any sweating on my feet and even when I do, it is very minimal. I do have some compensatory sweating on my chest and lower back area, but I hesitate to even label it CS as it only happens when I am in muggy/humid/hot environments, when it is normal to sweat anyway. I have not had any facial blushing at all post-ETS.

My life has become so incredibly busy now, because I am constantly out doing things and getting involved. I am constantly taking my daughter to story time/ music class/the park, volunteering, attending social events, etc...all things I would never had done before ETS. I dreaded going anywhere before ETS. One of the best moments of being a mom to a almost 1 year old is being able to hold my little girl close and rock her to sleep. Before ETS, I couldn't do that, because my hands would leave her clothes soaked. I also love walking holding her hand. I never held anyone's hand prior to ETS, because the sweating was so embarrassing. I love that I don’t have to pull away when she reaches for my hand. Because of Dr. Nielson and the ETS procedure he performed on me, I have been able to be the person I always wanted to be. I am able to do whatever I want to do, go wherever I want to be, and not feel any hesitation or embarrassment. It feels like a weight I carried my entire life has finally been lifted. It is the most amazing feeling. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Nielson and his ETS procedure.

I would advise you to do a lot of research before making the decision about if you should have Micro ETS, so you know what to expect and also what the possible risks are. That being said, I also want to warn you that you will read a lot of very scary stories online. I scheduled my ETS surgery after many years of research and I almost canceled at the last minute due to horror stories I read online. If you are hesitant about any part of the ETS procedure, I would suggest you write down your questions and talk with Dr. Nielson. He is wonderful at answering questions completely and honestly. In fact, Dr. Nielson was great through the entire process. He was wonderful, as was his staff. I trust Dr. Nielson fully and believe he is a great doctor and person. I definitely recommend Micro-ETS by Dr. Nielson! (Kansas Patient)


Dear Dr. Nielson, and Peggy,
January 2012
There are really no words that can express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for CHANGING MY LIFE! You are all so special and I will remember you always.  Dr. Nielson - you are my hero!  (Remember.  I'm a preschool teacher - so I am kind of "korny")  You are the best!  My friends and family are so happy for me.  I took a "gamble" to come here and it paid off.  I am a winner now. So I hope you all can win from these scratch tickets.  I hope there are winning tickets for you all to share.  Thank you - Thank you !!!  Always in my thoughts!   (Chris, from Colorado)

Hello, Doctor,
March 12, 2011
I can't say enough about the procedure or the team.  I am 51 years old and have struggled with facial blushing since high school.   It is always "lurking" in the background, causing worry that keeps you from focusing fully on what ever the task at hand is. I am very fair skinned so my face can still turn red when it is hot, cold, etc. However the socially induced blushing disappeared with the surgery. It was immediate and complete. I do sweat a fair amount now over my entire body from the chest down, particularly under the arms. I consider it a minor thing given the relief experienced from the blushing.You were wonderful before, during, and after the surgery. I only wish I had found you decades ago.  Best regards, (Ohio Patient)

Good evening,
DOS January 9, 2008
My name is Emily K. and I am a patient of Dr. Nielson's from Wilmington Deleware. I just wanted to call and wish everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving holiday. This is my first holiday in two years that I have been able to spend with my family, healthy. I have had a long road and it's all to the doctor and his staff, for making me be able to spend the holiday in comfort without a red face and without being in any pain. You have changed my life and from the bottom of my heart I just wanted to say how thankful I am for you, for everyone of you, so have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday. I will be in touch.
Thank you again, everyone. Have a great Thanksgiving! (Patient)

Dr. Nielson,
Thank you so much for changing my life. I'm sure you can understand how grateful I am that you were able to stop my HH/FB (facial blushing). I'm so much more confident & out-going now and wasn't that way before the ETS. I can do things (like knitting!) that I couldn't do before with sweaty hands. I can wear the clothes/colors that I want to wear. I can shake hands with people without dreading the sweaty palm "wince" when they'd touch my hands. No more red face when speaking in front of people. I could go on & on and I'm sure you've heard this story from many patients.
I wish you nothing but the best. I can't say THANK YOU enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr. Nielson,
April 2008 - Patient reports "very satisfied and happy with the results."
DOS November 2007
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  I cannot begin to describe the difference I have already experienced just a week after surgery.  I don't think I truly realized just how much anxiety I was carrying around until it was gone.  I feel like a new person and I can't wait to start jumping head first into situations I would have shyed away from before.  You and your staff were wonderful!  I couldn't have asked for a better experience!  And thank you again for further lowering the cost of the surgery - my parents had to go into their retirement to help me out with this and it made a big difference.  It was very kind and generous of you.  I would be more than happy to talk to any potential patients or write a testimonial on what a positive life changing event this has been.  A thousand thanks for everything!  Sincerely, Shelley (Florida Patient)

Dear Dr. Nielson and staff,
It has been almost 3 months since my surgery. I was waiting for a while before I wrote this letter to see how I was doing. I wanted to thank you and your staff for changing my life. After 30 years of severe facial and scalp sweating and blushing, I can now say that I feel completely cured. I have been in numerous situations where, in the past, I would be red and sweaty and now, not a drop. I haven't even felt the blushing. It is absolutely amazing. The comp sweating that I have is moderate and only when I'm very hot. I can live with that. That is something I can cover up and deal with. And besides, unless it's very hot, I don't get it. In general, I am completely dry all day at work and I even wear a suit and tie.
This has been a lifesaver for me. I feel like a different person. I can go anywhere and do anything without fear. I am in a profession where I do a lot of public speaking and now I do not have to worry about the embarrassment from sweating.
I took a chance with you Dr. Nielson. I came all the way from VA and you did not let me down. The surgery was so easy, I only took a couple Advil that same night. I am back to running and feeling great. I don't know how to thank you enough. You have an outstanding staff. They made me feel so comfortable and are always there to answer questions. I am recommending you to anyone that is interested. It would be crazy to go to someone else.
Thank you for helping me enjoy life again.
Sincerely, (Patient) PhD

Dr. Nielson,
DOS:  11/29/99
I had ETS by Dr. Nielson for facial blushing and cold hands almost 7 years ago.  Every now and then I think I should send you a note to say what a difference it has made in my life, but then I forget.  I haven’t had to deal with these problems since my surgery and I hardly even think about it now.  What a wonderful thing!?  In really hot weather my back sweats and when I eat certain foods (not many..mostly very sweet desserts) I feel like part of my face is clammy—these side effects (I believe they began after the surgery) are just enough to remind me of what I had to deal with before surgery and make me appreciate how much easier my life is now.  Thank you! (Patient)

Words can not express the gratitude I have towards Dr. Nielson and his staff.
Having ETS surgery has truly changed my life and has essentially given me a fresh start.  I have suffered from severe social anxiety for a greater part of my 33 years.  My anxiety manifested itself physically through severe facial sweating and blushing.  I was unable to have a conversation or be in a social situation without encountering terrible sweating and anxiety.  On many instances, I have had to excuse myself from a meeting at work, constantly having to come up with intricate stories as to why I suddenly would break out into a severe sweat.  Over the years, I tried a multitude of treatments, medications and doctors -- some with very negative side effects with little to no relief.   I honestly felt hopeless, and both my personal and professional life were suffering.  It was overwhelming - and took over my life.  I considered it a miracle that I happened upon Dr Nielsons website.  I felt like my prayers were answered.  From my first inquiry, Dr Nielsons staff made the entire process both easy and stress free.  I felt like for the first time in my life I was speaking to someone who understood the torment I was going through.  Jane and her counterparts answered all of my questions, and made the entire experience a pleasure.  I can honestly say that my procedure was quick and pain free.  Dr Nielson was a true gentlemen, and his genuine sincerity greatly impressed me.  I was amazed at the immediate results, and I encountered little to no side effects.  As it stands now, my compensatory sweating is minimal to none.  I immediately felt like a new person.  I was able to speak without feeling flush, and the sweating vanished immediately.  My anxiety was all but gone in a matter of days.  Years of suffering and worry - which I do not believe anyone can truly understand unless they experience it themselves - was cured in an instant.  I can now function at work and in my personal life without worry of sweating, blushing or being embarrassed.   Both my relatives and my professional peers have noted a positive change in attitude and performance.  My confidence and strength grows by the day.  I am no longer burdened with doctors or medication (Paxil, Nardil, etc.) - and no longer feel hopeless. 
Dr Nielson has changed my life, and I can not find the words to express my ultimate gratitude. (Patient)

To Dr. Nielson & all his staff,
Thank you for all of your help! The ETS procedure has made me a "NEW MAN"! The pain is gone, the redness is 50-60% gone, and I don't BLUSH. The 1st photoderm treatment also went great. Thanks again for your care and support. I"ll never forget APRIL 10, 2002. The day I got my life back!
Always, (Patient)

Dr Nielson,
This operation (micro ets) was very successful and I am a very, very thankful for all that you did for me. I have received miracle after miracle. I don't BLUSH anymore or have facial sweating. If you need me to testify about how much this operation has helped me, please contact me.
Thank you very much!

Dr Nielson,
Several times I have read reports where people will say "You have changed my life". I never fully understood the full impact of that statement until May 14, 2001. Dr. Nielson, you have indeed changed my life: For all of my life I blushed daily, and every now and then I would have an event stopping blush. It was horrible. Since May 14th when you did your magic, I have not blushed one time. Not one time. I have even put myself into situations that before my surgery would have caused me to severely blush. There are no words to express my gratitude for you life enhancing abilities. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Wasilla, Alaska

Dear Dr Nielson,
It's been almost a year that I had Micro ETS done for facial blushing mainly, let me tell you that it changed my life! I found a better job, earning more than double of what I was making. I used to work as a sales associate in a Department Store and now I work as a financial sales representative at a bank. I interact daily with a lot of customers, without any problem and I am even the top producer for my sales manager's region! The postop symptoms are compensatory sweating on my feet, (very mild) and mild between my breasts. I used to have compensatory sweating on my back, but it disappeared. I live in Florida and we are on summer, so overall I don't have problems with compensatory sweating. I blush sometimes when I get embarrassed and laugh at the same time, but it happens seldom, I used to blush daily!
Well, thank you Dr. Nielson for the Micro ETS surgery that changed my life and also thank you to your staff that were very kind with me before and after the surgery.

Dear Dr. Nielson,
Attached please find the one year follow-up for my Micro ETS. It was an amazing one year for me. I am absolutely free from fear of facial blushing and facial sweating. I can enjoy myself and can be myself where ever I am. I am far less reactive to my environment than before. It gives me poise, confidence, and high self-esteem at any occasions. Now I feel like that I have been turning my attitude and effort to compensate the shortcomings from before to a positive one. My physical exercise ability was little affected, except endurance-type exercise under the hot sun; as a matter of fact, I can do more exercise at a gym than before Micro ETS. The only time I have noticed facial sweating is when I eat very spicy food. But it is a moist level, rarely happens, and recedes very quickly. I have CS on my chest and stomach areas, but it is minor. Particularly, when I consider the tradeoffs, my cs is absolutely nothing.

Dear Dr Nielson, Cheryl, Jane & Peggy,
You all are the most wonderful Dr and office staff I have ever met and talked to. When I first heard of the Micro ETS surgery for facial blushing, I was overjoyed as I had really given up hope on ever being able to lead a normal life. Most people didn't understand how I felt or the embarrassment I endured in any social situation or at work or even getting together with family.
It was a miracle that my friend Kathy saw the Micro ETS surgery on TV and recorded it for me. The young man they did the surgery on told how his life had changed after the surgery and he also told how he felt when the blushing would start and it was just how I felt. Cheryl, Jane and Peggy, each one of you have made me feel so comfortable when talking to you over the phone. You show so much care and concern. I just wished I could have met each one of you personally and then thanked you for all of the help you gave me. This is one week after surgery and my hands feel so warm but the best part is I have not had the hot facial blushing. I still get a little red if I get anxious or embarrassed but I know it will get better each day.
Thank you,

Dr. Nielson,
I just completed the 3 month post-surgery survey and wanted to take a minute to again thank you and your staff for the friendly and professional support I received while undergoing ETS. Traveling across the country alone to have surgery by someone I had never met made me a bit nervous. However, both yourself and the nurses at the hospital made me feel comfortable and confident that I was doing the right thing. The results have been dramatic. My whole life I suffered from severe facial blushing. My face would turn a dark red whenever I experienced even the slightest degree of emotion, such as anger, embarrassment, nervousness, etc. Even if I just laughed with friends, my face would turn red. I spent time in therapy (no help), I also tried the SSRI's (a little help, but major side effects). The results of this was that I was left with few professional options. Many times at work I would begin to work with someone building trust and a professional relationship, but as soon as they saw me turn bright red, they would lose all respect for me. This left me with few career options except to continue life working alone in a cubicle. The effect was equally devastating on my personal life. I always kept quite and avoided contact with people. I was fearful that I might experience some small degree of embarrassment, anger or other emotion that would turn my face red. I hesitated over a year on whether to have the surgery or not, but now I can honestly say that having this surgery was the best decision I ever made. I was concerned about the possible side effects. Despite what I heard of possible problems, the only symptom I've encountered is that I have some minor compensatory sweating in the summer months here in Southern California. This is a small price to pay to be free of this condition. During the first 4-6 weeks after the surgery I saw a reduction of about 90% in both the frequency and severity of the facial blushing. I'd now say the reduction is > 95% mainly because of the increased confidence I have. My face will become slightly red if I become very angry or very embarrassed, but this will quickly fade. This seems to me to be completely 'normal' and is something that I consider insignificant. The best result of the surgery is that I can now be myself when I'm around people. I don't have to worry about experiencing a small degree of anger or embarrassment that might turn my face purple. I'm now able to lead a full social and professional life. Before speaking with your office, none of the health care professionals I spoke with understood or even recognized this as a medical condition. Thank you and your staff for the professional and friendly treatment I received while undergoing this procedure. Sincerely,

Dear Dr. Nielson,
It's been almost two months since my surgery and I wanted to let you know how truly thankful I am to you for changing my life. The results have surpassed my greatest hopes and expectations. I've gone from blushing two times a week to virtually no blushing at all. In addition, for the first time in my life, my hands are warm to the touch and have a healthy color. All this without any major side effects. After years of searching for a solution, it was miraculous that I found a physician so knowledgeable and caring. I only hope that others in my previous situation become aware of the great work that you do for your patients. All the best,





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