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Armpit Sweating, Excessive Underarm Sweat Treatment. Patients Share Testimonials About Micro ETS Surgery.
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Armpit Sweating, Excessive Underarm Sweat Treatment. Patient's Testimonials



September 2014
1 Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of the armpits. No CS.
I no longer have to worry about being in close quarters with co-workers at work. - Michael (Austin, Texas)

August 2013
20 Month Follow Up

Condition(s) Treated:  Underarm Sweating ( Procedure Treament)
I am VERY pleased with everything you've done for me. You have completely changed my life! I have an entirely new wardrobe of COLOR and I don't have to wear jackets during the hottest of summers! I have a new confidence in myself and I don't hide in my shadows anymore. I am even the drum-major of my band. I can proudly raise my arms and conduct on top of the podium! :) Thank you soo much for your time and effort! I greatly appreciate everything you and your staff have done for me! Have a great day! God bless! :)  (Patient)

April 2013
Hey Dr. Nielson and team,

You did the procedure maybe 2 years ago and I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU. I go weeks without thinking about it but on the days I do, man am I so thankful for you guys. As a business owner it was so embarrassing to constantly be worrying about how badly I was sweating through my shirts. I can finally wear light colored shirts again! I would go through 2-4 shirts a day, trying to stay dry. What a blessing it is to not worry about it.  My sister says the same thing about her results. You guys are awesome! Thanks for everything.   (Patient)

Dr. Nielson,
Overall: I am very pleased. I have not worn any deodorant since the surgery and haven’t had any sweat at all. Have felt dampness once Wed (today) under left arm when I was in a hot area, but no real sweat. I had a long sleeve shirt on and had the arm down with no room for air…that’s what I’m guessing b/c it definitely wasn’t sweat. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I’m hoping this remains because for the first time in 32 years I have worn solid shirts with no under shirt and have not sweat at all. The hardest thing is convincing my mine that I am not sweating. I have had sensations of sweating at times throughout the last few days, but no sweat. It has been a very strange feeling to say the least. My daughter and son have been inquiring about it b/c they suffer the same problems as I have.   (Patient)


March 2012
To whom it may concern,

I suffered from sever underarm sweating for many years. I tried any and everything you can think of to correct my problem, with no relief. I research the iInternet and found Dr. Nielson's website. That was probably three years ago. I was skeptical, especially considering having surgery. Again. I researched ETS vs. SDLE and researched several doctors around the nation. Compensatory sweating was the number one issue and only side effect I was really hearing about. I was so tired of sweating and the embarrassment it caused. I contacted Dr. Neilson's office and spoke with Tiffiny. I had the procedure done almost a year ago, and it has changed my life. I too, asked his office for referrals and found all of the people I contacted had positive results. I can't began to tell you how professional and knowledgeable Dr. Nielson and his staff are. I had the procedure, and there was no pain during or after the surgery. The procedure took about 30 minutes to complete, I followed-up the next morning and heading home (Florida). Still today I have no sweat and can honestly say I wish I had this procedure years ago. This by far is worth every dime and I know you will be please. I had the procedure on a Thursday morning, returned to the hotel and rested the remainder of the day, and then went out to dinner that evening. NO PAIN, but I did have some drainage which is totally normal. I returned to work the Monday morning following the procedure. Never had any problems, pain, discomfort, or Sweating! If for some reason I ever begin sweating again. I would fly back out to Dr. Nielson office in a heartbeat. That's how much I think of him and his staff and how much it has changed my life. With any procedure, there is a possibility of side effects or symptoms possibly returning. But if you had the ETS procedure, I can assure you this procedure will be a piece of cake.   - Kirk

Dear Dr. Nielsen,
I could say that I wish I had done it 20-yrs ago, but the procedure wasn’t developed and refined by Dr. Nielsen until just recently. Best decision I have made in the several years. I am so glad to have found your center and Dr. Nielsen. I now have about 10-15% of the axillary perspiration that I experienced prior to the visiting your center. You met my extremely lofty expectations. Thanks so much, (Patient)

Dr. Neilson / Tiffani,
NO SWEAT!!! Where do I begin? The Procedure was an experience that i will never forget, in a good way. Being it was the only surgery I have ever had done, I have to admit I was nervous the morning of the procedure. You and your staff where awesome to say the least. From the time I walk in to the office, your staff made me as comfortable as possible and answered any and all of my questions. I was impressed with the knowledge, kindness, dedication and professionalism with each of them. The technology you use in this procedure is state of the art and just mind blowing. I was never in any pain post, during, or after the procedure. Having the procedure has changed my life…  (Patient)

To Dr. Nielson,
I didn’t even know the condition had a name until my sister (a nurse) researched my symptoms to find my condition was called hyperhidrosis. That was 13-years ago, and for the past 13-years I have searched online for any information or resolution that I could find, while at the same time I tried topical and oral medications with moderate success and unpleasant side affects. I wanted a better answer. I found Dr. Nielson’s web-site early 2010, and he had been performing the for about 15-months at that time. When compared to the ETS, seemed less invasive and Dr. Nielson thought it to be an extremely effective alternative to the ETS with no compensatory sweating that can accompany ETS. ETS is considerable more expensive than . Dr. Nielson performs both and ETS, but was very positive about the when comparing the outcome with that of the ETS procedure. I thought it said a lot when the Dr. was touting the less expensive alternative.

DOS:  07 Nov 2007  Follow up week of 20th April, 2008 - Patient reports very happy with results. 
Dr. Nielson,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  I cannot begin to describe the difference I have already experienced just a week after surgery.  I don't think I truly realized just how much anxiety I was carrying around until it was gone.  I feel like a new person & I cant wait to start jumping head first into situations I would have shyed away from before.  You & your staff were wonderful!  I couldn't have asked for a better experience!  And thank you again for further lower the cost of the surgery - my parents had to go into their retirement to help me out with this, and it made a big difference, it was very kind & generous of you.  I would be more than happy to talk to any potential patients or write a testimonial on what a positive life changing event this has been. A thousand thanks for everything. Sincerely, (Patient)

Dr. Nielson and Staff,
Life has changed for (Patient name)! She has cut the number of showers she takes per day from about 5 to 2 since having and has gone shopping for new shirts 3 times! All of the trying on may be why she is a little sore. I know this sounds crazy but her entire demeanor has changed. She is much more upbeat and smiles almost all of the time now. She has bought new tops in a variety of colors and has dug out all of her old favorites. She even asks me to take her shopping and wants to try on clothes! She snuggled up with me watching TV for the first time in a very long time. She hugs her sister and lifts her arm to wave at people. She actually stands up straight!   (Patient's Husband)

Dear Dr. Nielson,
Hello, how are you?
It was very nice to meet you. I am just writing to thank you for changing my life! Getting dressed every morning has become so much easier as I no longer have to choose colours or fabrics that will disguise / absorb excessive underarm sweating for the day. I also don't have the problem of staining my clothes with sweat anymore, as my underarms are now almost completely dry. I can now wear the colours that I like, instead of the blacks, navies or whites that I was limited to in the past. I can even go deodorant-free for the day!

It has been almost two weeks since I've had the surgery and I feel like a new person. My hands, underarms and face have been very dry and my facial blushing has also disappeared. I can't believe it and need to get used to my new body as I sometimes don't trust that I will cope in situations which in the past, were a trigger for blushing and oversweating!

I have been confidently shaking hands with people, writing freely, driving without my hands wetting the steering wheel and getting through each day without having to worry about how to disguise or get out of a sweaty-hand situation! I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders, as I no longer have the anxiety and fear of being with people that I used to. I don't have to keep putting my hands in my pockets! As a teacher, I am especially happy that I can write without smugding the inks on papers!!! These keyboard keys aren't even wet!!!

My feet still have a little sweating and am not sure if it is `safe' enough for me to wear open-style shoes yet. However, the sweating on my feet has decreased (about 50%) and seems to be improving each day.

As for compensatory sweating, yes, this is happening around my trunk (mainly lower back and stomache area), back of knees, thighs, front and back of my legs. The sweating around the trunk has at times, soaked through my clothing but this has been hardly visible. Also, I live in Japan, which is a country with high heat humidity, especially in the summer! And, considering that I
live in one of the hottest parts of Japan, the compensatory sweating has been bearable in these conditions. However, being almost at the end of summer, I feel that I need to experience many more hot, summer days to make a better judgement on the compensatory sweating.

Interestingly, I feel as though my sweat glands have been shifted to new areas of my body. I now need to get used to sweating around my lower trunk and back of knees as in the past I have never sweated around these areas. Even though at times, this new sweating is uncomfortable, I do prefer it like this. Also, I have noticed that whenever I'm in an air-conditioned room, I don't experience any compensatory sweating and am completely dry from head to toe.

Another interesting change that I've noticed is `stomache- blushing'. Whenever I feel as if I am going to blush, my stomache blushes instead! I actually feel the same heat rush that used to cover my face going across my stomach area and am relieved that this is not visible!

Some of the teaching work that I do in Japan is in a kindergarten. The other day, while on stage teaching a song and dance, I felt so great! I had no stage-fright, blushing, facial sweating or sweaty hands while holding the microphone. For the first time in my life, I could sing, teach and dance with enjoyment, rather than discomfort and embarassment! I have never enjoyed being on stage so much!

I am planning to join a dance school as I love dancing and have always wanted to do so! With my new found self-confidence I feel like the sky's the limit - I can do anything!!   Thanking you sincerely, (Patient)

Dr Nilsen,
The treament was nothing compared to what I thought it would be. I experienced no pain and treatment time was minimal. The staff was very helpful and supportive, which made my nerves calm. I don't have to constantly think about my sweat now and even the smell has been noticeably reduced. I would definitely get another treatment in the future. (My sweating was so bad that I think 2 treatments would benefit the most) thank you all!!  (Patient)


Dr. Nielson,
I would like to thank you for a successful ETS surgery.  I can not express to you enough how much this has changed my life! This condition (armpit sweat) has "haunted" me all of my life, and now I can finally relax and enjoy it. Most importantly, I can finish school and be confident in my job (Radiology). I'm so thankful to you & your staff.  My visit to San Antonio was well worth it.  Please continue doing what you do best, changing lives!
Sincerely, (Patient)

Dr Nielson,
Thank you for changing my life. It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the micro ETS surgery. I am now living my life to the fullest!
Sincerely, (Patient)

Dr Nielson,
This surgery (micro ETS) has changed my life, my comfort around people, touching others, my confidence, and my view of myself. Thank you Dr. Nielson & Staff (Patient)

Please include this in the testimonials on behalf of Dr Nielson and Staff. I make it a point to post messages in support of using Dr Nielson for ETS and cannot thank you all on the staff and Dr Nielson enough for helping me recover from the first ETS I had done in New York. The comparison between the first ETS experience and the one with Dr. Nielson could not have been more different. Please keep my tel number and email address in case anyone from this area or elsewhere would like to talk to me about their ETS experiences. (Patient) and I have emailed each other. Thanks for the information to contact her.
Many thanks, (Patient)

Dr Nielson,
I just wanted to drop you a note along with my follow-up report to once again thank you for the opportunity to take charge of my life in a way never before realized. Micro ETS has empowered me in ways that I never before imagined possible. I don't consider anything out of reach now. My confidence is reaching a new level that is noticeable to my friends. My only regret is that I didn't have Micro ETS sooner.
I am obviously doing well and have had little pain. I don't know if I told you in the follow up interview, but I went on a date the same night I had my surgery. That alone should serve as a testament to the low invasiveness you provide.
I am doing my best to spread the word about your procedure. Feel free to use me as a reference for anyone that my story might benefit. I will keep you up to date on my progress.
Congratulations on running the Olympic torch. I am sure that was quite an experience.
Thanks, (Patient)

Dear Dr. Nielson,
Thank you for your micro ETS procedure! The compensatory sweating is so mild I hardly think it is worth mentioning. It only comes once in a while and lasts only a minute or two. Sincerely,

Dear Dr. Nielson,
It's been a week and I feel like a miracle has taken place in my body. I thank God for leading me to you. I'm 44 years old and have lived with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. Doctors misdiagnosed this condition telling me I was too aware of myself or prescribed antidepressants. I diagnosed myself through research and then found you. The surgery was a simple procedure with minimal discomfort. I am now comfortable in my body and you can imagine what that does for one's confidence. I am no longer ashamed and feel an obligation to educate people, especially doctors, so people will be properly diagnosed and know there is help. I want to thank you Dr. Nielson and let you know that you have changed my life. Sincerely,

Dr. Nielson,
Thank you so very much! You have changed my life. I no longer have any underarm sweating. Thank you again!






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