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Sweating of Multiple Body Regions, Head, Hands, Feet, Back, Torso Excessive Body Sweating

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Extreme Facial Sweating.  Patient from England.
Extreme Facial Sweating.
Symptoms Resolved.



armpit body region


Letter of Thanks to Dr Nielson from Patient: A Boyers
Surgery August 1998 (Letter from January 6, 2010)
This is a letter of thanks and gratitude and appreciation to Dr Nielson . He performed Micro ETS Surgery on me on August 3 ( I believe ) 1998 . At that time I was 58 year old male who had had hyperhidrosis all my adult life . No doubt an inherited trait as both my parents were similarly afflicted . Physically I was fit , thin , athletic ( runner , swimmer , rock climber ) with tendency to high BP ( controlled with medication ) ... another hereditary - roll - of - the - dice .


My specific conditions were :
1) Generalized hyperhidrosis ( scalp , forehead , face , entire upper body ) that could quickly overwhelm me in a rush or flood of sensation .
2) Facial blushing .... always occurred with 1 ) but could also occur by itself for no apparent reason .
3) Acute anxiety / cessation of breathing ..... almost always was triggered , in turn, by 1) .

My hyperhidrosis could be induced by stress , frustration , social situations , public speaking , attention beind directed at me , crowded rooms , sitting in barber chair , even sitting in church . It was a debilitating , embarrassing , humiliating condition which constrained many facets of my life . Dr Nielson's work / ETS surgery completely and irrevocably eliminated that enormous cloud and burden . These past ten years have been very happy ones for me . A significant transformation and " liberation " so - to - speak . I am deeply indebted to his skill and ingenuity as a surgeon .

I am convinced that there are also some additional benefits resulting from the surgery . A little more about genetics . I also inherited a propensity to contract bronchial conditions ( ie , problems ) from my father ( 1903 - 1988 ) who as a boy of 14 had to be sent to Florida ( from Cincinnati ) to live and work as his parents thought he would die from so many bouts of pneumonia living in the cold winters of the Midwest . ( Note : This was before penicillium was available ) . Hence I had had two , some times three severe colds / flu / pneumonia / whatever ( always of three weeks duration ) every winter all my life from childhood until ..... guess when ..... 1998 . Since then I have not had even a trace of a cold . Random events just do not occur that coincidentally and thus I can only attribute this boon to improved health to the surgery that took place prior to that winter .

Thank you on so many levels . You do outstanding work . My life has been dramatically and immeasurably improved as a result of your medical expertise .

Please feel free to give my name as a reference to any prospective patient who would like to talk with a former patient or to use this drawn out letter of mine as you wish .

Kindest regards,
Albert Boyers
Raleigh , NC

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Back Sweating.  Patient from San Antonio,TX.
Severe Back Sweat.
Reduced Back Sweat.

Dear Dr Nielson,
Thank you so very much for the blessings of the surgery for my daughter Karin. Your skill has brought enormous happiness to her and to so many others. With great admiration, (Patient's Mother)

Dear Dr Nielsen,
Hello, how are you?
It was very nice to meet you. I am just writing to thank you for changing my life! Getting dressed every morning has become so much easier as I no longer have to choose colours or fabrics that will disguise / absorb excessive underarm sweating for the day. I also don't have the problem of staining my clothes with sweat anymore, as my underarms are now almost completely dry. I
can now wear the colours that I like, instead of the blacks, navies or whites that I was limited to in the past. I can even go deodorant-free for the day!

It has been almost two weeks since I've had the surgery and I feel like a new person. My hands, underarms and face have been very dry and my facial blushing has also disappeared. I can't believe it and need to get used to my new body as I sometimes don't trust that I will cope in situations which in the past, were a trigger for blushing and oversweating!

I have been confidently shaking hands with people, writing freely, driving without my hands wetting the steering wheel and getting through each day without having to worry about how to disguise or get out of a sweaty-hand situation! I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders, as I no longer have the anxiety and fear of being with people that I used to. I don't have to keep putting my hands in my pockets! As a teacher, I am especially happy that I can write without smugding the inks on papers!!! These keyboard keys aren't even wet!!!

My feet still have a little sweating and am not sure if it is `safe' enough for me to wear open-style shoes yet. However, the sweating on my feet has decreased (about 50%) and seems to be improving each day.

As for compensatory sweating, yes, this is happening around my trunk (mainly lower back and stomache area), back of knees, thighs, front and back of my legs. The sweating around the trunk has at times, soaked through my clothing but this has been hardly visible. Also, I live in Japan, which is a country with high heat humidity, especially in the summer! And, considering that I
live in one of the hottest parts of Japan, the compensatory sweating has been bearable in these conditions. However, being almost at the end of summer, I feel that I need to experience many more hot, summer days to make a better judgement on the compensatory sweating.

Interestingly, I feel as though my sweat glands have been shifted to new areas of my body. I now need to get used to sweating around my lower trunk and back of knees as in the past I have never sweated around these areas. Even though at times, this new sweating is uncomfortable, I do prefer it like this. Also, I have noticed that whenever I'm in an air-conditioned room, I don't experience any compensatory sweating and am completely dry from head to toe.

Another interesting change that I've noticed is `stomache- blushing'. Whenever I feel as if I am going to blush, my stomache blushes instead! I actually feel the same heat rush that used to cover my face going across my stomach area and am relieved that this is not visible!

Some of the teaching work that I do in Japan is in a kindergarten. The other day, while on stage teaching a song and dance, I felt so great! I had no stage-fright, blushing, facial sweating or sweaty hands while holding the microphone. For the first time in my life, I could sing, teach and dance with enjoyment, rather than discomfort and embarassment! I have never enjoyed being on stage so much!

I am planning to join a dance school as I love dancing and have always wanted to do so! With my new found self-confidence I feel like the sky's the limit - I can do anything!!
Thanking you sincerely, (Patient)

DOS:  3/26/01
Symptoms pre ETS:  HH-palms, feet, mild FB, severe Raynaud’s
A big hello to Dr. Nielson & staff,
Can you believe it's been almost 6 years since I've had my ETS for full body HH & FB?  I can't believe how quickly the time has flown!  Just wanted to give you all an update on how I've been doing since the op.

I'm happy to report that I'm still doing just as well today as I was right after the op.  I rarely experience CS and if I do, it's very mild and a "normal" amount of sweat as opposed to the drenching I used to get when I had HH.  My feet occasionally sweat, usually if I'm working out or if it's really hot outside.  Again, nothing CLOSE to the waterfall I used to have.  My FB has been gone since day 1.  I rarely think about sweating & blushing anymore.  It used to consume my day with worry.  Now, I just don't think about it.  I never worry about it.  It's a non-issue!  I can't tell you how much happier I've been since I had the ETS in March 2001.
I can't thank you enough for changing my life!  Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.
Regards, (Patient) Chicago, IL

October 11, 2004 is a day that I will treasure for the remainder of my life.  After 22 years filled with paper towels in the pockets, trips to the bathroom to avoid handshakes, avoiding church at all costs, not being able to high-five people, etc, I was finally cured. The fact that I am writing this testimonial to begin with involves quite a bit of dumbluck.  Christmas of last year was the breaking point.  After another holiday with family members in which I would institute every evasive technique you could imagine in order to avoid shaking hands with relatives, I had reached the last straw.  That evening at my computer I simply typed in "Sweaty Palms". Dr. Nielson's website was among the first that arrived on the screen. The first step was Drysol. Absolutely no help. The second step was Lexapro (my doctor thought that I has social anxiety disorder).  Absolutely no help at a cost of $79 a bottle (insurance would not cover that cost...screw you Cigna).  At this juncture it was surgery or bust.  As I am sure many of you reading this right now can relate to, this disorder can be so frustrating and crippling to one's lifestyle.  Since surgery everything has been amazing. You seriously have to search for the incision marks, anyone who doesn't know that you have had surgery will never notice. Pain immediately after surgery was pretty minimal as well.  I had the surgery performed around 8:00AM and I was at the mall by 2:00PM.  My throat actually bothered me more than my chest after the surgery.  Despite this it was hardly uncomfortable.  Of course the issue of CS must be addressed. The only thing I will warn you about with the ETS surgery is that while working out people might wonder why you are sweating on your stomach but not underneath your arms or on your head.  The social awkwardness of this does not even hold a candle to the social awkwardness of a clammy handshake or facial blushing during a presentation.  The CS only occurs when working out or it is really, really hot outside. I can't say enough about this surgery.  I am graduating from college next month and it has been so incredible to go on job interviews with my new warm, dry hands. For anyone reading this, I have been in your shoes.  I have sat at a computer, as you are right now, with sweat accumulating on the keys and the mouse.  Like myself, your only regret will be not learning about this procedure earlier in life. Thank you Dr. Nielson for giving me a new lease on life.  Feel free to give out my name, email, and number to anyone with questions.

Hello to Dr. Nielson & staff,
I can't believe it has been a little over 3 years since my ETS.  My life has certainly changed.  I'm in a management position now, working face-to-face with clients which is something I never could have done when I had full-body HH.  My HH was so severe that I was restricted to only wearing certainly colors or I would look drenched.  I dreaded shaking hands, I had to wear lots of make up to cover up the mild FB as well.

Now, I feel like a normal person.  I don't sweat on my face & hands.  My underams barely sweat.  My feet are dry, too.  I have very mild CS which is the same today as it was right after the op.  When I sweat, it's only a normal amount of sweat, not the dripping "waterfall" I used to be.  I can wear bright colors, I can shake hands with confidence, I can go make-up free, it's wonderful.

I'm finally at a point in my life where I don't even think about or worry about sweating.  It's a great feeling.  I don't regret having the op a single day.  It's just an incredible feeling to be free of hyperhidrosis.  I saw a picture of myself when I still had HH and noticed the sweat patterns on my clothes.  It's amazing to me how much I've changed.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job with my surgery.
Best wishes,
(Patient),  Chicago, IL

Dear Dr. Nielson and staff!
I am one of your patients, who had the lucky opportunity to have ETS surgery with you! I am so glad I did it (October 30, 2002)! My hands are so warm I can not believe it! I do not blush at all-even when I am drinking or eating something hot! I did not test my blushing in stressful situations yet, but I hope the results would be the same!
My feet are still cold and wet, but I can see a little improvement in the evening (legs are getting much warmer). I hope they will become dry and warm during 3 months (as you told me). My face skin is much drier now and hair too.
I still have difficulty breathing (can not take a deep breath yet) after the operation and feel a little drowsiness (still using pain medicines), but my overall condition is fine.
I am a very, very thankful for all that you did for me, Dr. Nielson!!!
Thank you very much one more time!
P.S. I am so sorry I did not meet Jane, Sylvia or Cheryl in the Surgery center, I wanted to thank you guys for being so professional and polite on the telephone :)
Best Regards,

Dear Dr. Nielson and Staff,
Hi, my name is (Patient), I'm 16 years old, and I had severe palmar, plantar, axillae (however you spell that), and facial hyperhidrosis. But thanks to you I have had 100% improvement. I don't even sweat any more! I do get mild compensatory sweating on my back and stomach though. But only when I am really hot. And it is only a light film of sweating. I am still amazed with the results. I was able to go shopping with my mom only 10 hours after my surgery. Words cannot express how much I thank you for changing my life. I told my mom that this is the best christmas present I have ever gotten. And I truly mean that. I have had hyperhidrosis all of my life, and it was getting really hard to live with when I entered my teenage years. I wasn't able to do normal teenage things because of the embarassment of my sweaty hands, armpits, and feet. I was never able to hold hands with my boyfriends, or wear all those different lotions that most girls wear, I wasn't able to shake hands with anyone, and it even affected me in sports. I constantly had to check my arms to make sure I wasn't sweating through my shirt. I remember one day in school, when I was wearing a gray shirt, and the guys in my class started making fun of me because I had sweat stains on my arm pits. I constantly had to deal with people's looks of disgust when they shook my hand. Hyperhidrosis affected my life in alot of ways. And now I am so grateful to be able to do all the little things that I couldn't do with sweaty hands. I can now start wearing clothes that aren't cotton. Because when I had hyperhidrosis, I had to have some sort of cotton clothing on to dry my hands on. I know this may sound weird, but I am kind of glad that I had hyperhidrosis. It taught me alot of things. I am now going to try to make hyperhidrosis better known to people. I had went to so many dermatologists, and not one ever mentioned anything about hyperhidrosis. I didn't even know anything about hyperhidrosis until I stumbled upon a web community on msn. Then I found out about you. You have inspired me to go through with my dreams of being a surgeon. Just seeing how much you touch people's lives amazes me. I want to be able to help people the way you helped me. I had always dreamed of being a surgeon, but never thought it possible because of my sweaty hands. Now I can be a surgeon, and hopefully one day, be as good as you. I just want to thank you with all my heart for helping me. And you didn't just cure my hyperhidrosis, you also helped improve my self esteem. I used to be really shy, but now I don't feel afraid to be more outgoing. Oh, by the way, congratulations on being chosen to carry the Olympic torch. You truly do deserve it. And Merry Christmas to you, your family, and staff. May all your wishes come true. You made mine come true.

Dear Dr Nielson,
I can't tell you how happy I am since Micro ETS surgery 1 year ago. I never regretted the surgery and would highly recommend! A million thanks and Happy Holidays.

To Dr. Nielson & Staff:
I’ve been sending in my follow-up questionnaires, but they don’t reflect how glad I am that I had the micro ETS surgery on August 2001. I had put up with many years of severe sweating of my hands, feet, and axillae, along with facial blushing that needed almost no provocation to occur. Since I had the surgery, I do have some compensatory sweating around my chest and back when I’m too warm or exerting myself. But the benefits of the surgery have greatly outweighed the annoyance of CS. My hands are ALWAYS warm and dry, in fact, I’ve been complimented numerous times on how nice my hands feel to others when touched. By the way, I almost go out of my way now to shake hands with people! My job requires obtaining a high-level security clearance, and to get the clearance I had to be fingerprinted -- something that was impossible before the ETS surgery. My job also requires a great deal of speaking comfortably before groups of people. I can now do that with complete confidence because I am dry and do not blush at all. I am also dry under my arms and can pretty much wear whatever I want if I’m not in a situation where CS is likely to occur. Although there was no guarantee that my feet sweating would improve, it has decreased markedly since the surgery. My feet sweat approximately 50% less than they used to; I feel that was just a bonus of the surgery.
Dr. Nielson, you and your staff have been real “pros” from start to finish. There has been plenty of follow-up on my case and I have discussed the possibility with your staff of asking for medication to help control the CS.
I’m waiting to see if the winter months coming up will make a difference. But in general, I am absolutely delighted with the results of the ETS surgery and would not hesitate to recommend the procedure for others, if done by you.
Please know that you have made a real difference in my life and I can’t thank you enough.
Albuquerque, NM

6 Months Follow-up Post ETS
A big hello to Dr. Nielson, Peggy, Jane & Cheryl,
Well, it has been a very happy 6 months since I've had my micro ETS. I faxed in my 6 month post-op report and just wanted to drop you all a note to let you know that I'm still doing as great as I was immediately after the surgery. I've only experienced CS when I'm exercising or the weather gets really hot & humid. You know. . . like a NORMAL person. Otherwise I'm completely dry. For someone who has lived most of her life with full body HH, this has been a miracle for me. I'm still amazed each day at the little things I can do that I was never able to do before.
I can shake hands, I can hand knit a sweater, I can fill out forms, I can wear sandals (no more foot sweating!), I can wear bright colors, I can talk to people without my face going bright red. It's just been a wonderful confidence booster. My husband has certainly noticed the change in my self-esteem.
I'm so thankful that Dr. Nielson was able to "cure" my HH & Blushing. I tried to keep HH & Blushing from controlling my life & restricting what I do, but it was still making me so unhappy. Now that it's gone, I can appreciate all the little things and focus on the positive in my life. Thank you all for your continued support & follow-up. I'm looking forward to sending in my 1 year post-op report :-)
Kindest Regards,

Dear Dr Nielson,
Thank you! I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. My hands and feet are totally dry. Now I will be able to hold hands with my first graders, give them "high fives", and pinch their cheeks without them having to dry off their hands and cheeks. I can wear dresses without socks, put lotion on my hands, and not be embarrassed to shake another's hand. My husband told me he has seen my self confidence increase as well. Thank you also for your wonderful office staff. Not one person was rude or in a hurry to answer my questions. Everyone was very courteous and helpful.
If there is anyway I may do anything for you, your family, or staff please let me know. If you ever have any first grade questions or concerns, or if you are in need of a private tutor please call!
Thank you for everything!

To All Who Suffer From Hyperhidrosis,
It has been a month since my surgery and I am still trying to get used to the fact that I don't have to wipe my hands off before shaking someone's hand or change my shirt several times a day. I am so please with my results. I can now sit down and type this letter without ruining my keyboard. I have gone out and bought shirts that I wouldn't have dared to wear before since they could easily show my armpit sweat. I have to admit that I was very scared when I went in for surgery that I would not be completely cured, but I am. "My feet sweat still but only when I'm hot or nervous and not nearly as bad as it was before. (I am used to living with it anyways - it's a small price to pay) The compensatory sweating is the same. It is very rare when it happens and it is so light it doesn't show through my clothes. It only happens on my chest and my back and in the month's time compensatory sweating has only happened about five times (once again only when I am very hot or nervous).
I was also amazed at how tiny the scars are. They aren't even the length of my pinky nail and the size is decreasing as it heals. I have had absolutely no pain! In fact, the day I was released from the hospital, my mom and I went shopping on the Riverwalk and even hit all the outlet malls on the way home the next day. My mother was so surprised at how much energy I had after just getting out of surgery. I took a total of two and a half pain pills and threw the reset of the bottle away. And I am not tough, as you must be thinking as I was when I read the testimonials. I'm not. I'm the biggest baby. I cry when I get a paper cut! I was so afraid that the pain would be unbearable but there was none to bear. I had surgery on a Wednesday and my first day of college was the next Monday. I was worried I would be in too much pain to start school, but I wasn't. I walked into class confident and without a worry in the world. I no longer have to hide and worry about how bad I am sweating or if people can see the sweat "bleeding "through my shirt. I am so happy! I have lived with hyperhidrosis since I was seven years old. I always hated it but I am thankful that I went through the embarrassment for so long because it has taught me to not make fun of someone because they are different. I consider hyperhidrosis as a gift. It has made me a kinder, more understandable person and just because I have nothing to be embarrassed about anymore, now that I can be a truly beautiful person. I don't forget about the pain of being laughed at in school. Nobody is perfect, but we should all be treated right. And I will never stop sticking up for people who are different and I will teach my children to do the same. If you are able to have this surgery done, I highly recommend it. I cannot say enough good things about it! If you would like to talk to me in person please feel free to call. Good luck to you in whatever you choose.

Dear Dr. Nielson:
Well, it's been 2+ years since the ETS surgery in January 1999 Needless to say, my life has been changed significantly for the better. My newfound confidence has given me the courage to finish my Fellowship and receive a promotion to Consulting Actuary. I now deal with clients all the time -- we sponsored a client reception last week (150+ people) and I eagerly sought out meeting people, and I gave a presentation today at an important professional conference (100 people). I would have never dreamed of volunteering for these events before ETS, due to the severe palmar and facial hyperhidrosis.
The only negative from ETS is the compensatory sweating -- most of the time, it is a non-issue...however, in hot weather (80+ degrees) or while exerting myself, it is a bit uncomfortable.
In retrospect, I probably would have gone for just the T2 level instead of T2 and T3. On balance, though, the positives outweigh the negatives and life is much better now.
Keep up your good work, and thank you again -- it must be incredibly rewarding for you to know that the work you do impacts so many lives in such a positive way every day.

Dear Dr. Nielson,
I had the Bilateral Micro-Single Incision Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy of T2 done on January 8, 2001 and the operation worked fantastically. I didn't even incur any compensatory sweating. If I have, it's so minute I haven't even noticed it. I was diagnosed with severe palmar hyperhydrosis, moderate plantar hyperhydrosis, and a moderate/severe case of Raynaud's disease. My hands are completely dry, my feet have dramatically reduced in sweating, and my hands are also perpetually warm, respectively. I am completely satisfied with the results and my only regret is that I didn't take the initiative upon myself to find a doctor that could guarantee results like you. I really meant it when I told you that you're the best doctor I've ever had. I had to waste a lot of time, energy, and money relying on incompetent doctors. Your procedure is safe, precise, quick, painless, and 100 percent effective. An antiperspirant like Drysol doesn't do anything for a severe case of palmar hyperhydrosis and Botulinum Toxin injections are very imprecise, unreliable, costly, time consuming, and impermanent. My social relationships have dramatically improved because I am now no longer focused on my cold, wet hands. I am much more at ease in all situations. I find that the general anxiety that I would feel throughout the day is almost completely gone. I can now go to church and hold hands and shake hands without any hesitation. I no longer avoid any social interaction in which I use to anticipate interpersonal touch. I sincerely thank you for your genuine concern, remarkable surgical ability, and your professional and friendly demeanor.

Hi Dr. Nielson, Peggy & Jane,
It's (patient) again. Well, I can't believe its been almost 4 weeks since the Micro ETS surgery. I am constantly amazed everyday at how wonderful life is being DRY. I attended the quarterly meeting yesterday at work and had to get up in front of the entire department and not once did I sweat. I was so relaxed and able to stay focused on speaking rather than thinking the whole time "is everyone laughing at me because my face is sweating, my hands are dripping & I have huge pit stains?" I still find that I subconsciously try to hide my hands. Old habits are hard to break and after living with hyperhidrosis for most of my life, I still have to remind myself that I DON'T have to do this anymore. It's a wonderful thing!
I haven't had any compensatory sweating yet and my feet are still dry. I don't have to rotate which shoes I wear anymore. I could never wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row because they'd be soaked. I'm loving life right now! I will fax you my one month follow-up survey next week.
Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Back Sweating.  Patient from Ohio.
Severe Back Sweat.
Reduced Back Sweat.

Dear Dr. Nielson,
Hi! I'm back in (city) and recovering from the Micro ETS surgery. I'm amazed at the results. My hands are warm and dry. . . I didn't realize I had facial hyperhidrosis too, because now my face is drier. I had a skin condition called Rosacea which caused my face to burn but now my skin is always cool to the touch and the contour of my face has also changed because it's not inflamed. Amazing. The sweating on my scalp is gone. . . I didn't realize I'd had this until experiencing the positive effects after the Micro ETS surgery.
I have cool and clammy feet but it's a minor thing and still not as extreme as it used to be. I haven't experienced any compensatory sweating yet. My life is changed. The minute I got back to the hotel from the Micro ETS surgery I dropped to my knees and thanked Heavenly Father for giving me a chance at life because that is exactly what it feels like. No one can know how hard it is to live with hyperhidrosis and what a relief it is to be cured.
I can touch things. I can touch people and not hold back. Before sweat would literally drip down my arms as I talked on the phone. I couldn't play the piano without beads of sweat accumulating on it. I couldn't get close to anyone or shake hands. It was like the "Midas touch" with sweat -- and everything I came ii contact with was cursed and I had to always plan out how to deal with simple daily activities to avoid embarrassment and blushing. I had Raynaud's disease and it's cured. I've noticed that where my extremities had always been bulging and red (feet and hands) they are clear toned and . . . normal colored. It's so great! I am going to recommend my sister and brother to have this procedure performed as well. Thanks to all of you, the whole staff and Dr. Nielson for your help and kindness. My life is changed!
Have a wonderful day.
Thank you again for everything!

Hi Dr. Nielson,
Thanks for the follow-up message. It is now 4 days since the ETS and I'm still doing well. I experienced what Dr. Nielson told me would be "rebound sweating" this morning. It was more like a thin film of moisture on my legs, feet & hands and then it went right away. I keep feeling the sensation that I've got moisture on my feet but when I touch them, they're dry. It's like the nerves in my feet keep "remembering" the way they used to feel. I'm still so excited that I've had such a vast improvement. I never expected to have any improvement in my feet so this was a big surprise. I know it's still too early to tell if it was successful in my feet, but I'm optimistic about it.
I put the ETS to the test yesterday and wore a light colored suit to work. I would NEVER have been able to wear a light color to work because my suit would look drenched from the HH. I stayed dry all day. Even when I had to meet people face-to-face, I never broke out in a sweat. It's such a wonderful experience to feel like a normal person. I can't wait to go out and buy new clothes with color! I'm so tired of wearing black, navy blue or white to hide HH.
This is so exciting! A few people at work who knew I had surgery on Monday keep saying they can't believe I just had surgery because I look so happy. I'll fax my one week post-op report on Monday morning. Thanks,

Dr Nielson,
I would like to take the time to thank you for changing my life. I had Micro ETS surgery on May 8, 2000 and I am so much happier because of it. Before the surgery, I was like many of your patients: my hands, axillae, and feet dripped constantly without medication. However, after the surgery, I was completely dry. I was extremely nervous on the day of the surgery, and the hospital staff and the anesthesiologist were very nice and calming - even though my body did not seem to want to be calm. They made me feel better. The majority of the staff was extremely professional. I did not have any major problems after the surgery. I now have dry hands and two almost invisible scars (one on each side). I definately have compensatory sweating, but it is when it is very hot, so it does not feel as abnormal to me. I have gone on job interviews and it feels good to willingly stick out my hand for a handshake. I feel as if I have more confidence, and I do not have to wonder if my medication is going to work today or not. Thank you for the time that you spent with my parents and my husband a couple of months before the surgery explaining everything to them. Your openness, professionalism, knowledge, and pride in your technique convinced them that I would be in safe hands if I had the surgery. The day of the surgery I appreciated Dr. Saunders himself explaining the anesthesia procedure to both my family and me. I would also like to thank your office assistants for all of their patience with me. They answered many phone calls from me and were always very friendly and easy to talk to. I would be happy to talk to anyone about my experience if it is needed. Thank you again for your Micro-ETS procedure. Sincerely,

Dear Dr. Nielson,
One day not long ago a thirty-year-old male who was afflicted with a sympathetic nervous condition came to you. This condition caused chronic anxiety, social embarrassment, and at times a feeling of helplessness. He went for a blood test at 7 a.m., he had a thirty minute surgery, woke up at around noon and then left the hospital soon thereafter without taking pain medication (no need). He was transformed after the surgery: into what I now consider to be ME. I spent the rest of the afternoon with dry hands, feet, and armpits for the first time in my life. I felt HUMAN as I enjoyed the rest of the day sightseeing, dining, socializing, and fooling around like a child. The anxiety was GONE. The panic feelings: Gone. 100% cured. Your talent has no equal in ETS, and I am forever indebted. Thanx for a new life . . . .

Dear Dr. Nielson,
My hands, feet, face, axillae are totally dry. Just today I can feel some minor compensatory sweating mostly on the thigh and trunk areas but its slight and unnoticeable. Overall, I am very pleased with the results so far. Thanking you so much Dr. Nielson for all that you and your staff have done.






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